About TLS

TLS is Mehlville’s professional learning website that is designed to empower educators to direct their own learning. The site provides a framework for educators to earn digital badges that will enhance their ability to improve learning outcomes.

How Does it Work?

First, you log in to pick a Task, or a Quest and learn about the topic, tool, or strategy. When you successfully complete the Task or Quest, you will receive a badge and points to indicate your completion.

After registering, you can earn badges by learning about a tool and demonstrating how you have successfully integrated it into your instruction. You can then showcase your knowledge by displaying your badge through Credly, a free web service for issuing, earning, and sharing badges. Badges can also be embedded into a website or blog and pushed out to social networks. * Teachers must be logged in to see all of the features of this platform.
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The Details

There are three main parts: Tasks, Quests, and Levels

Tasks are different learning activities you will complete. Each task will explain what you need to do to earn it. Tasks have badges and points associated with them.

Quests are learning activities that require you gain in-depth knowledge about a certain topic, tool or strategy. For example, completing the quest on Google Certification Level 1 would require you have proficient knowledge of the entire Google Suite. Completing quests also gives you points.

Levels are your ranking. As you accumulate more points, your level will increase. You begin as an Educational Explorer and work your way up to Educational Leader.

Earning Badges

The criteria for earning a badge varies. You might be required to take a quiz, produce an original artifact, upload a certificate or provide a demonstration.

For the 2016-17 school year each teacher will need to accumulate 10 or more points. The first six points will be comprised of creating an account and profile on the badging site and completing the Digital Citizenship Badge. Then you will choose which badge(s) you would like to complete for the remaining points. It is acceptable and encouraged to earn above the point minimum.

Share Your Badges

Mehlville’s Transformative Learning Studio site integrates with Credly, a badging website. Complete the “Join Credly” badge to set up your Credly profile. From your Credly page, you can share your achievements on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Credly, your website or blog, etc.

Why Badges?

The badge system provides a structured way to manage our professional development while allowing some freedom in what you want to learn. It also serves as an example of gamification by combining gaming elements into the training. The topics will cover areas you are expected to learn and incorporate into your lessons.

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