About TLS


With the transition to @msdr9.org over Spring Break, emails in the Transformative Learning Studio were also changed. You can now log in directly to WordPress. When logging in, use your new @msdr9.org district email, and the same password you have always used to log into the TLS.

Before clicking Log In, you may be prompted to complete a math problem. This is just to ensure you are not a robot.

You can still log in with Credly using your old email if you’d like. You can also log into credly.com to update your email in your Account Settings.

The Transformative Learning Studio is Mehlville’s professional learning website that is designed to empower educators to direct their own learning. The site provides a framework for educators to earn digital badges that will enhance their ability to improve learning outcomes.

While our site is housed on WordPress, we use Credly to track the badges, points, and levels earned by the staff. This means that you will use a Credly account to log into our site, rather than logging directly into WordPress.

How Does it Work?

First, you need to create an account. Choose Required Tasks, from the navigation bar, and select Create Your Account! Work through the steps, and follow the “Earn Your Badge” directions at the bottom. When complete, go on to the Profile Picture badge on the Required Tasks page.

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Earning Badges

The criteria for earning a badge varies. You might be required to take a quiz, submit an image and description, upload a certificate, or provide a demonstration.

Beyond the two Required Tasks (creating your account and adding a profile picture), you can earn badges in any order that you want, from any category that you want.

Why Badges?

The badge system provides a structured way to manage our professional development while allowing some freedom in what you want to learn. It also serves as an example of gamification by combining gaming elements into the training. The topics will cover areas you are expected to learn and incorporate into your lessons.

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