Kagan Cooperative Learning Tasks

Breakout EDU

2 Points

BreakoutEDU is an engaging, hands-on activity for students that challenges them to communicate and think critically.

Breakout EDU – Digital

1 Points

Digital Breakouts are similar to traditional Breakout activities, but do not require Breakout boxes.

Create Your Own BreakoutEDU

3 Points

Create and submit your own BreakoutEDU game to be added to the district database!

Novel Engineering

2 Points

Novel EngineeringĀ is a process that integrates Design Thinking and Literacy.

Kagan Classroom

1 Points

A thoughtful classroom layout and table mats for team roles are important first steps in implementing Kagan Structures in your classroom.


1 Points

Classbuilding is the process that moves a room of individuals to a caring community of active learners.

Kagan Team Selection

1 Points

Student teams are the "cooperative" in Cooperative Learning!


1 Points

The majority of cooperative learning interactions are with teammates, so it is important to build relationships among teams.

Fan N Pick

1 Points

Teammates play a card game to respond to questions.

Rally Robin

1 Points

In pairs, students take turns responding orally to a question posed by the teacher.

Timed Pair Share

1 Points

In pairs, students share with a partner for a predetermined time while the partner listens. Then partners switch roles.

Quiz Quiz Trade

1 Points

Students quiz a partner, get quizzed by a partner, and then trade cards to repeat the process with new partners.

Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up

1 Points

Students stand up, put their hands up, and quickly find a partner with whom to share or discuss.


1 Points

In teams, students take turns responding orally.