Student Engagement

When our students are engaged in their learning, they are more likely to achieve their learning goals. There are a variety of tools and strategies to engage students in collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Work through the tasks below to show how you are engaging your students in your classroom.

Student Engagement Tasks

Kagan Classroom

1 Points

A thoughtful classroom layout and table mats for team roles are important first steps in implementing Kagan Structures in your classroom.


1 Points

Classbuilding is the process that moves a room of individuals to a caring community of active learners.

Kagan Team Selection

1 Points

Student teams are the "cooperative" in Cooperative Learning!


1 Points

The majority of cooperative learning interactions are with teammates, so it is important to build relationships among teams.

Fan N Pick

1 Points

Teammates play a card game to respond to questions.

Rally Robin

1 Points

In pairs, students take turns responding orally to a question posed by the teacher.

Timed Pair Share

1 Points

In pairs, students share with a partner for a predetermined time while the partner listens. Then partners switch roles.

Quiz Quiz Trade

1 Points

Students quiz a partner, get quizzed by a partner, and then trade cards to repeat the process with new partners.

Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up

1 Points

Students stand up, put their hands up, and quickly find a partner with whom to share or discuss.


1 Points

In teams, students take turns responding orally.

Showcase Skills

Get credit for the presentations you are doing at all levels!